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Tommy Inzina, CEO of BayCare Health System, lauded for passion, leadership


From left: President and CEO of BayCare Health System, Tommy Inzina; Kimberly Ramos, Director of Benefits at The Mosaic Company, and Tampa Bay Thrives CEO Carrie Zeisse

Tommy Inzina, President and Chief Executive Officer of BayCare Health System, has been named the Dr. Jack Mahoney Healthcare Hero for being a community health champion and helping establish Tampa Bay Thrives, a non-profit organization that mobilizes the community to strengthen behavioral health outcomes for depression, anxiety, and substance use disorder, with a focus on improving early intervention, access, and awareness. 

The award, announced during the first meeting of the Mental Health/Substance Use Employer Learning Collaborative August 30, is named after the Florida Alliance’s nationally recognized Medical Director and thought partner, Dr. Jack Mahoney, and is given to an individual who has championed a healthcare issue that greatly impacts Floridians.

The work requires collaboration and champions to lead the way in improving access to high quality, affordable treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. Inzina was selected as the recipient as someone whose passion and leadership has vastly improved the health and wellbeing of Floridians. 

Kimberly Ramos, Director of Benefits at The Mosaic Company, and Florida Alliance Board Member, presented Inzina the award for his leadership in establishing Tampa Bay Thrives.

“This work of transforming a system is not for the faint of heart; it takes time and effort to fundamentally change a community, and despite the cultural challenges associated with this change effort Tommy continued to walk this path with us,” said Tampa Bay Thrives CEO, Carrie Zeisse. “Tampa Bay is better off for having this tremendous leader holding all of us at the forefront of his vision. And Tampa Bay Thrives, and I, are forever grateful for his willingness to champion a new approach so that we all may live healthier lives.”

“It has been my privilege, as CEO of the region’s largest not-for-profit provider, to help put a spotlight on mental health and to help bring people together to address what our community needs,” said Inzina. “Together, we can make a real difference.”