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Our Mission

To mobilize the community to strengthen behavioral health outcomes for depression, anxiety and substance use disorder, with a focus on improving early intervention, access and awareness.


That’s why Tampa Bay Thrives was formed.  We are a group of local leaders in the greater Tampa Bay area who understand the importance of improving the quality of and access to resources for mental health and substance use disorder


In our community, the need is great. Mental health and substance use conditions affect many in our community…

Tampa Bay Thrives

In Tampa Bay and West Central Florida …


Lives with

Substance Use Disorder

Has a substance
use disorder

Suicide Attempts


That’s why we have joined forces to help heal and provide the best possible resources for those living with these conditions. We’re working together to eliminate barriers that make it difficult to find and access resources for mental wellness and substance use. Together, we’re determined to ensure that each of us has a chance to live a life filled with mental wellness.

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