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Mental Health Programs

Our Programs

Tampa Bay Thrives Program work supports the three focus areas highlighted in our mission statement: Navigation, Access to Care and Stigma Reduction.


Enable individuals seeking help to connect resources to support them


Expand treatment options for individuals in need of care


Develop strategies / programs that reduce stigma for targeted populations

Supportive Strategies

Convening stakeholders to tackle emerging issues, drive research, inform decision makers, and shape regional public policy

Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk (844-You-Okay) is a confidential navigation line that provides support for mental health concerns and addictions. Counselors offer coping techniques, referrals to local providers, and connections to peer support, and take into account callers’ needs and preferences as well as their insurance.

“Navigating the healthcare system can be difficult for individuals needing care. Finding mental health services can add a level of complexity due to stigma, unfamiliarity and limited providers. Mosaic is grateful to partner with Tampa Bay Thrives and support the pilot program which will help increase awareness and expand services in the local community and neighboring counties.”

Kimberly Ramos,
The Mosaic Company

Where Should I call?

In July 2022, 988 was launched as the new national three-digit code for people experiencing a mental health emergency to access immediate care, replacing the National Suicide Hotline. The strategic plan for the line includes a roadmap for getting connected to long term help, but this is still several years off. To support the launch and increased demand for calls, Tampa Bay Thrives launched, a microsite with online resources customized by county and using a simple “sun scale” navigation tool.

Bridge Program

The Let’s Talk Bridge Counseling program would focus on offering mental health assistance for those who are waiting for their next counseling appointment. The program offers free access to a therapist to help maintain stability during the waiting period.

*TBT Study


Expanding treatment options for individuals in need of care.


of residents surveyed indicated they were NOT able to get the behavioral health care they needed within the last 12 months.*


of residents surveyed indicated that they engaged in mental health care support through video conferences.*

Immediate Care

The Immediate Care Access program offers various ways for individuals to receive therapeutic care quickly. The program was developed in partnership with area hospitals, providers, and Tampa Bay Thrives to provide help faster.


Florida ranks 42 in mental health workforce availability, with only 19% of the needed counselors and therapists to support the population’s needs. The talent crunch has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing behavioral healthcare workers to either leave the profession or work for telehealth and technology companies. To address this crisis, Tampa Bay Thrives initiated a year-long planning process and task force focusing on developing a behavioral health educational/career pathway framework, strengthening the recruitment and retention of the next generation of behavioral health workers, and using data and research to develop short and long-term strategies. The task force includes stakeholders from various fields, such as healthcare, education, business, and community agencies.


TBT has invited experts in the behavioral health workforce to discuss topical trends and research, as well as provides the audience with the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about emerging techniques and trends concerning the workforce.

BH Workforce

TBT has assembled a taskforce to develop a regional plan. If you are interested in attending one of the community report outs, please send your information to

*TBT Study


Enabling individuals seeking help to connect to resources to support them.


of Tampa Bay residents experienced at least 1 poor mental health day a month.*


of residents surveyed, that in the last 12 months, they needed help for emotional or mental health problems or challenges such as feeling sad, low, anxious, or nervous.*


We’ve all been there. Hiding behind a smile, acting like everything’s ok… When often, it’s not. IYKYK is an invitation to share stories of recovery and hope, allowing community members to share their struggles, tools for overcoming life’s difficult moments, and the victories that come with healing.

Tell Your Story

Your words can help change the life of a loved one. Share your story, and receive a personalized, sharable IYKYK graphic.


TBT Ambassadors play a role in mental health in Tampa Bay by raising awareness about mental health issues and reducing stigma through their platform and public appearances. They also advocate for better mental health policies and resources to support those who are struggling with mental health challenges.

“Our focus is on increasing that access to mental health appointments, to shorten those wait times for people so people can start their journey for help and start feeling better faster,”

Colony Reeves

Strike The Stigma

Florida Blue and the Tampa Bay Lightning hosted a symposium for high school students. Tampa Bay Thrives was a program partner with Directions for Living, hosting a session to inspire students to normalize asking for help, and sharing tools for engaging in self-care practices like journaling and healing conversations to support overall mental well-being.

*TBT Study


Enabling individuals seeking help to connect to resources to support them.


Tampa Bay residents completed self-screenings from Mental Health America in 2022


Residents surveyed to understand the state of mental health stigma in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Thrives is proud to be an affiliate of Mental Health America serving West Central Florida. As such, Tampa Bay Thrives has access to data about how our community is using MHA’ screening tools and resources and is part of a strong network of 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations operating under the high standards of our national office.

Mental Health Tests

Screening for mental health conditions online is a simple and fast way to identify potential symptoms. Although mental health conditions like depression or anxiety are real and prevalent, they are also treatable, and recovery is achievable.


In April of 2022, Tampa Bay Thrives engaged Downs & St. Germain to survey the region to provide a baseline of the community’s perceptions, practices, and experiences related to mental health. The online survey was distributed for 10 days, reaching Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, and Polk counties, yielding a total of 700 responses. Results were weighted by gender, age, and race to appropriately represent the population.

A few findings from the April 2022 survey include:

7 in 10 Tampa Bay residents experienced at least 1 POOR MENTAL HEALTH days during the past month.

The most common side effect of poor mental health was the inability to sleep through the night.

When asked if a person has, in the last 12 months, needed help for emotional or mental health problems or challenges such as feeling sad, low, anxious, or nervous, 46% responded “yes”.

Despite having insurance, the majority of respondents cited cost as the main reason they do not seek help.

*TBT Study

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