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Navigating the system and starting therapy can be a daunting process. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re excited to announce the extension of our #IYKYK campaign with four new inspiring videos. These videos offer real-life advice to demystify the process of seeking treatment and encourage those in need to start their journey toward mental wellness.

“Hearing stories from individuals who have already taken that first step to get into care can be a highly motivating way to embolden others to do the same,” said Carrie Zeisse, president and CEO of Tampa Bay Thrives. “Our research over the past year has also shown that we can further encourage that first step by demystifying the process of care itself. We share these inspiring stories of individuals who have, and continue to, utilize a portfolio of approaches to manage their mental health, as well as real-life stories of navigating the system so that getting help no longer feels so daunting and out of reach.”

View the new videos below and let these powerful stories inspire you or someone you know to take that first step toward mental wellness.

Did you know you can discuss mental health with your primary care provider?

Watch BayCare pediatrician Dr. Christie Canody share valuable tips on how to start the conversation with your doctor about mental health.

How do you find the right therapist? What questions should you ask your therapist when meeting them for the first time?

Let Tamara Glynn, CEO of ClearPath Health LLC, guide you through the process and remove the uncertainty of seeking help.

Did you know it’s okay to break up with a therapist? Finding the right match is crucial!

Get the inside scoop on making the switch with insights from Shayla and BayCare pediatrician Dr. Christie Canody.

Starting therapy can be daunting, but you’re not alone.

Join Demetric Watkins, President of NAMI Hillsborough and Founder of Serenity Xcelled LLC., as he walks you through what to expect in your first visit and how to make it work for you.

Your words can change the lives of others. If You Know, You Know amplifies our shared experiences, breaking down stigma and inspiring change. Explore stories of hope and recovery and share your story today!

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