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Mental Health Awareness Month is upon us, offering a prime opportunity to make a tangible difference in the Tampa Bay community. Dive into the toolkit below to harness powerful resources and embark on meaningful actions for mental health this month.

An inclusive resource hub. Dive into Mental Health America’s 2024 toolkit, packed with free resources to fuel your efforts throughout May and beyond. From DIY tools to social media assets, there’s something for everyone. For businesses and organizations looking to get involved explore this page

Breaking down stigma. Join our #IYKYK campaign to dismantle mental health stigma. Share your story and encourage others to do the same. We also offer specialized toolkits for businesses and organizations to share the campaign and amplify its impact easily. Let’s foster understanding and empathy together.

Go Green. Make a statement by going green! Whether it’s turning a product green, lighting up your building (like our wonderful partners at the City of Tampa and Florida Blue), or wearing green attire, show your support and spark conversations.

Get out in the community. Get involved in NAMIWalks across Florida, including right here in Pinellas County. It’s a chance to raise funds and connect with others passionate about mental health advocacy.