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In celebration of Alcohol Awareness Month, explore the diverse resources available to those seeking sobriety and well-being in Tampa Bay. Whether you’re committed to sobriety, sober curious, or dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for colleagues in the workplace, now is the ideal time to learn more and take the first step.

Join the Phoenix Movement. At The Phoenix Tampa, embrace a community where everyone is welcomed with open arms. Whether you’re in recovery, sober-curious, or a supportive ally, The Phoenix leverages the power of connection and resilience to foster a vibrant sober movement. Dive into their diverse events and connect with like-minded individuals on your journey.

Feeling sober-curious? Discover the art of mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages with a guide from the Tampa Bay Times. Or, fill your weekends with joyous activities from UNATION that celebrate life without alcohol.

Foster Sobriety in the Workplace. Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare shares the steps to creating inclusive workplaces for sober and sober-curious employees.

Reflect and Discover. Ready to explore your relationship with alcohol? Take a screening to gain insights into your habits and behaviors.