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Today we use our beloved breath, counting and focus on the exhale. The counting helps distract a busy mind and the breathing brings calm to our body. Each time we make the exhale longer we do what’s called vagal toning. This brings great health benefits sending signals to slow our heart rate, ease our digestion, relax our muscles and more!

Do this in and out through the nose, eyes open or closed and find a comfortable seat. You can use your fingers for counting. Starting with inhaling for a count of one and exhaling for a count of one. Staying with an inhale of one you increase the exhale each round by a count of one getting all the way up to a count of ten. If you can not get there, no worries, start slow and increase as you go. 

Inhale 1 exhale 1

Inhale 1 exhale 2 

Inhale 1 exhale 3 

Inhale 1 exhale 4

Inhale 1 exhale 5 

Inhale 1 exhale 6

Inhale 1 exhale 7

Inhale 1 exhale 8 

Inhale 1 exhale 9 

Inhale 1 exhale 10
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