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On October 10th, we recognize World Mental Health Day. As we celebrate, it is the perfect time to focus on Mental Wellness in the Workplace. Here are some ideas to help you get started!

Encourage your employees to take daily mental health breaks. Remember, not all breaks are created equal and not all employees feel comfortable taking breaks. There are a myriad of ways managers can foster positive attitudes toward breaks, including taking breaks themselves, scheduling dedicated break times, and creating spaces for breaks.

Start working on a plan this to begin offer paid or unpaid mental health days (MHD). Learn how some of the top companies in America are giving employees time off to de-stress and bounce back.

Choose a day this month and designate it Self-Care Day. Encourage employees to engage in acts of self-care and post a selfie on workplace social media. Acts of self-care don’t have to be big to make an impact—think a cup of tea, a 5-minute stretch break, or taking10 minutes to sit on a park bench and do nothing. The point is to destigmatize the idea that self-care is indulgent. Here are 20 ways to add self-care into your work routine.

Meetings can be dull. Try incorporating wellness activities into your meetings. Host a meeting outdoors for fresh air; do a group stretch before starting your meetings; or carve out some time for employees to share things they’re grateful for. Here are 15 fun ideas for well-being activities to add to your meetings.

Designate one day – or more! – this month as a Bring Your Pet To Work Day. Pet owners report significantly better mental wellbeing due to having a pet. This can create a chain effect and positively impact employees’ performance in the workplace too. Your company may enjoy this experience so much it may become a monthly offering!