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Cultivating thankfulness in leadership can transform a workplace.

As we gear up to celebrate Thanksgiving amid this season of gratitude, it’s a good time to look at the many benefits of showing gratitude in the workplace and ways that leaders can show employees that they are thankful for their contributions.

Showing gratitude not only makes leaders more effective, but it brings with it physical, psychological, and social benefits. And in return, companies see more collaboration, engagement, and innovation across the organization.

Most leaders do sincerely appreciate their people and even believe that they regularly show that gratitude and appreciation in meaningful ways. But that appreciation doesn’t always get communicated effectively, and often leaders can unintentionally and inadvertently undermine their people and cause them to feel unvalued.

When workers feel valued, There are many ways leaders can show their gratitude. Food, extra time off, gifts, and retreats are just a few ideas.

We know we are thankful for our mental health community and our workplace partners who recognize the importance of the state of their employees’ mental health. 

Happy Thanksgiving. We are grateful.

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