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This is an exercise that develops energy and vitality by stimulating the nervous system. It increases circulation, toning of nerve function.

It is a yogic breathing technique used by Eastern Yogis for thousands of years. It’s highly effective to release tension in the neck and when you may be feeling heavy in the chest and body. Please don’t do it if you have any injuries and don’t push yourself past where you’re comfortable. 

Stand with knees slightly bent and relax throughout the body.
Eyes open and holding your arms loosely in front with palms face up.
Complete three full breaths through the nose holding your breath at the end of the exhale.
Creating a fist with your hands, start moving your arms back and forth, arms toward shoulders at a vigorous pace.
Continue for as long as you like, then exhale while releasing the hands, relaxing the arms down by your side and feel warmth circulating.
Do a few shoulder rolls and feel the back relax. 

Build up more as you go and it’s advised you do it a few times a day. Again – really noticing the effects of the practice and honoring the body.


Resource: Meditation as Medicine Dharma Singh Khalsa MD
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