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Mental health is being called “the second pandemic.”

But mental health conditions, resources, and conversations can still feel complicated and out of reach — especially in the workplace.

This month, Mental Health Awareness Month, we look at ways companies can provide support needed for their employees to thrive.

Are there common warning signs for mental health conditions or crises at work? Specific factors that can lead to mental health conditions or even crises? What resources do employers provide?

There’s often no one single cause for a mental health condition. Instead, there are many possible risk factors that can influence how likely a person is to experience a mental health condition or how serious the symptoms may be.

Around half of people in the U.S. will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life, so employers should know what to look out for.

We must make mental health as equally important as physical health.

-Carrie Zeisse, President & CEO