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July is Bebe Moore Campbell Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, which was designated in 2008 to bring awareness to the unique struggles faced by underrepresented groups in the United States.

Bebe Moore Campbell was an American author, journalist, teacher, and mental health advocate who worked tirelessly to shed light on the mental health needs of the Black community and other underrepresented communities.


  • Include Mental Health America’s National Prevention and Screening program in resources for your staff or audiences. Encourage individuals to check in on their mental health by using this link.
  • Provide consistent and accessible community-led support systems, such as employee resource groups and identity-specific services or resources.
  • Plan events and services with – not just for – community members. Understand the power of community-initiated programs and prioritize representation in the voices your organization chooses to highlight.
  • Provide ways for community members, employees, and other stakeholders to share feedback on a regular basis.
  • Identify BIPOC community-owned businesses that your organization can support instead of large retailers
  • Make connections in the community by engaging in community events, meeting with community members, and funding or supporting community initiatives.
  • Plan an advocacy event. This could be a day at your state capitol or an email campaign. Invite advocates, consumers, concerned citizens, and community and business leaders to reach out to policymakers to discuss your community’s mental health needs.
  • Team up with other local mental health and wellness organizations to host a community meet-and-greet. Connecting with community organizations on a regular basis can encourage stronger systems of support and collectivism.
  • Connect with us – Tampa Bay Thrives – for engaging and informative guest speaker opportunities at your company or university event, promoting mental health awareness and support. Email us at