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Champions for Children doesn’t just advocate for children. The nonprofit organization champions the mental health and well-being of its employees with equal earnestness. And they have a platinum Bell Seal to show for it.

“We understand that nurturing mental health in the workplace is not just a goal but a fundamental aspect of our mission to support families and prevent child abuse and neglect,” said Champions for Children CEO Amy Haile. “To us, fostering mental health in the workplace entails creating an environment that is not only safe and supportive but also conducive to productivity, engagement, and overall satisfaction among our staff.”

Through participation in MHA’s Bell Seal certification program, Champions for Children can both measure its progress and demonstrate its unwavering dedication to cultivating a mentally healthy workforce.

The organization boasts several unique programs and initiatives that have contributed to its achievement.

This includes the distribution of an annual anonymous Employee Satisfaction & Engagement Survey, which comprehensively evaluates various aspects of the organizational climate, culture, and benefits. Insights gleaned from this survey have guided them in implementing initiatives like offering 100% no-cost health insurance with access to no-cost to the employee mental health services, which was identified as a priority by employees.

Additionally, they offer a virtual suggestion box that continues to provide a platform for anonymous feedback, leading to the implementation of impactful initiatives such as the introduction of a Mental Health Monday holiday and observance of Juneteenth.

“These programs underscore our commitment to valuing employee input and continuously improving our workplace culture,” Haile said.

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