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We’re going to try some simple tapping techniques, or EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. Close your eyes down and take a few breaths. On a scale of 1 – 10 how stressed do you feel? Start tapping the outside of the hand, below the pinky, it doesn’t matter which hand. Bring attention back to the breath and say affirmations to ourselves. Out loud is better but in the head works as well. 

“Even though I feel so stressed right now I choose to relax and be brave.”

“Even though I’m feeling so much stress in my body, it’s safe to release it now.”

Continue by tapping right inside the eyebrow point and breathing. Move to the top of the cheekbone and don’t worry about getting it perfect! Continue on to under the nose. Then, above the chin and below the lips. Moving an inch below the collarbone, and three inches under the armpit. Finally we move to the top of the head. Tapping lightly at each energy meridian point several times. Complete the tapping and check back in with breath and body. Determine where you are on a scale between 1 – 10 again.
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