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At The Mosaic Company, one of the world’s largest producers of nutrients required to grow the food the world needs, a movement is afoot to provide employees with the mental nutrition that they need.

At some sites, company huddles begin with a mental health query: “How is everyone doing today? Let’s check on how you’re feeling.”

An employee can comfortably express discomfort: “I’m in the orange zone.” That’s when Mosaic supports step up to figure out how to best support them.

It’s all part of a program rolled out by Mosaic three years ago that moves beyond the risk reduction environment to one that centers around overall wellness, too: physical health, psychological health, and financial health.

The psychological wellness program rollout is still moving through the organization (Mosaic has 12,000 employees globally, with headquarters in Tampa) and is augmented with access to a confidential employee and family assistance program and other wellness supports.

In the U.S., the new Employee Assistance Program has already made a difference, said Kimberly Ramos, Director of Benefits at The Mosaic Company and a board member for Tampa Bay Thrives.

More employees have used resources from the new Employee Assistance Program in six months than they did all of last year.

Ramos credits the rising numbers to Mosaic’s commitment to the mental health of its employees by providing training, resources, and education. Discussions around health (which includes mental, emotional, and social wellness) are meant to be inclusive and comfortable, removing the stigma usually attached to mental health, and giving people easy ways to identify needs and resources for themselves, co-workers, or their family.

Mosaic created its own training program based on best practices and international standards for group leaders who undergo three hours of coaching and instruction. Mosaic creates case studies to review and distributes surveys in order to improve and measure the success of the program.

Additionally, Mosaic has removed barriers to access mental health. What once may have taken months for an appointment, is now a new model that is meant to provide quality care within five days. They also offer telehealth where employees can see a counselor virtually. And they promote the Let’s Talk Tampa Bay support line.

Mosaic has always had the safety and health of employees in mind, Ramos said, but this impact expands to the communities where their employees live and work.

Mosaic understands that mental health isn’t just about one person. It affects the entire family. Their resource materials are family-oriented, featuring parents, children, and spouses.

“Mosaic stands behind our employees’ health and safety,” Ramos said. “The mental health education and support resources are making a difference not only at work, but in their home lives at well.”

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