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Offering resources, planning activities and even just talking about mental health in your workplace helps create a more caring and safer space. And what better time to start than this month?

Here are a number of ways you can acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Month in your workplace throughout the entire month:

  • Participate in national mental health screening days for depression or other mental health conditions. Encourage your employees to take Mental Health America’s test here.
  • Make sure your workplace is prepared for a mental health crisis. Offer confidential free support services in high traffic areas—on the back of bathroom stalls or in the middle of table tents on the lunchroom tables. Having support information in high traffic areas sends a message that you understand employees and their family members struggle and that it’s not something that needs to be a shameful secret.
  • It feels like we spend half our lifetime at work. Try creating a zen workspace for your employees or even dedicating a room where your employees can go to destress.
  • Set aside a day – or even a few – to start the morning off with group meditation. They offer numerous benefits, like job satisfaction and stress reduction and can even be done during the day for a little mental health break.
  • Start a book club at work and choose a book around mental health as your month’s read. Here are some top recommendations.
  • Work with Tampa Bay Thrives to get access to experts that can provide education and information. Email us here.
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